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Laboratory open mixi

The experimental open mixer XK-250 XK-160 XK-450 rubber mixer MLL is mainly used for rubber hot-melting, tableting, plasticizing and mixing. The structure is open gear rotation.

Technical parameters of open mixer for experiment: 

technical parameters
XK-250XK-230XK-160<6 Inch
Working diameter of roller(mm)250230160
Working length of roller(mm)630620320
Front roller linear speed(m/min)15.312.578.89
Roller speed ratio1:1.11:1.191:1.35
Maximum roll distance(mm)884
Amount of glue added at one time(kg)10--155--101--2
Motor Power(kw)18.5155.5
Overall dimensions length×width×height(mm)3400×1800×15002750×1080×14801160×920×1370
Machine weight(kg)300025001000

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