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Banbury rubber knead

Kneader (internal mixer)-pressurized kneader is suitable for the mastication of rubber and plastics and the mixing of various rubber materials. This machine is composed of electric motor, pressing device, frame, mixing chamber and rotor mechanism, plastic reducing machine, air control system, turning device, heating and cooling system, belt transmission device and base.

Main technical parameters of kneader (internal mixer)-pressurized kneader:


Technical parameter

Total volume of mixing chamber L75125175
Total working volume of mixing chamber L355575
Rotor speed ratio of front and rear1:1.221:1.221:1.22
Main motor power KW5575110
Main motor speed rpm985985980
Flip angle140°140°140°
Dimensions (L×W×H)(mm)3200×1900×29503750×1950×30503760×2143×3650
Weight Kg6500780010000

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