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PE PP PPR plastic pipe extrusion line

The screw of the extruder of the PE PP PPR pipe production line adopts a barrier structure, and the barrel has a unique groove structure in order to achieve a good plasticization and mixing effect. HDPE (PP, ABS) large-diameter pipes adopt the special design of the basket mold to reduce the dissolution temperature and the pressure of the main machine to achieve a good mixing effect, so that the output is guaranteed.

The unique design of the cooling and sizing system, the use of water circulation to cool HDPE (PP, ABS) raw materials, are suitable for the cooling of the above raw materials. The uniqueness of the design can improve the stability and roundness of the diameter dimension, and meet the needs of thick-walled pipe production.

The special design of the vacuum sizing box can ensure the stability and roundness of the diameter size, and the speed control system makes the traction speed stable. The whole production line can be controlled by PLC, LCD screen control panel, easy to operate. It can be equipped with a color-coded extruder to make the produced pipes have color-coded lines.

Supporting single-screw extruder (conventional single-screw extruder, if there are special circumstances, it will be different, parallel twin-screw extruder and conical twin-screw extruder according to the actual situation), suitable for Taiwan PE wax Extrusion, high output, the highest output can reach 1000 kg per hour (please contact us for PP and ABS output).

This production line is reasonably designed, adopts safe production design, and has obtained CE quality and safety certification.

The pipe diameter ranges from 16mm-800mm, which can be converted into inches to meet the special requirements of customers.

The raw material feeder can be a vacuum feeder, and the specific configuration is configured according to the actual situation.

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